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In Japan, examination of an application only commences once a request for substantial examination has been filed. Our formality section ensures that clients are informed of any due dates for filing a request for examination well in advance of the date.
Under Japanese Patent Law, it is required that a request for examination be filed within three years from the application date of an application. If the due date for filing a request for examination is allowed to lapse without a request being filed, the patent application will be automatically deemed to be withdrawn. Accordingly, it is of critical importance that this first and non-extendable due dates be met.

When a Notice of Allowance (assessment of patent) is issued, a payment of Initial Annuity for the period covering the first 1 to 3 years of the issuing patent is required to be made in a single installment.

After payment of the Initial Annuity is made, the application is entered into the Registry of the Patent Office; and a Letters Patent and Official Patent Gazette are then issued.

To maintain a patent right an annuity fee from the 4th year of grant of patent is required to be paid each year.


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